Kingsburg company develops unmanned ag sprayer

'GUSS' is the first of its kind

KINGSBURG, California - The first of its kind automated ag spray system is now out in the field and it was created in Kingsburg.

GUSS or Global Unmanned Spray System is a robotic orchard sprayer. The vehicle is designed to precisely and efficiently apply products, no driver needed. 

GUSS was developed over a three-year period at Crinklaw Farm Services (CFS) in Kingsburg. CFS CEO Dave Crinklaw has worked in the spray business for over three decades and envisioned a product like GUSS to create more efficiency for growers, increase safety for workers and solve ongoing labor challenges. 

"Labor challenges are a big part of it, government regulations," Crinklaw explained. "Those things make it a little tougher to compete."

While the vehicle takes the driver off the equipment, Crinklaw says the technology creates different job opportunities.

"It also allows us to create more skilled jobs and better paying jobs," Crinklaw said.

While GUSS works in the field, there is a worker on-site monitoring the vehicle. GUSS was developed for mid to large fields with nuts or fruit trees.

The team is now working on two more machines, slated to debut at the World Ag Expo in Tulare in February.

GUSS will hit the market in the near future, no price tag has been set for the product yet.

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