VISALIA, California (KSEE) – A Tulare County jury will continue to deliberate in the trial of 33-year-old Erika Sandoval after no verdict was reached on Thursday.

Sandoval has confessed to killing her ex-husband and Exeter Police officer Daniel Green in 2015. Jurors are now deciding whether her actions were considered murder or manslaughter. 

Sandoval’s attorney, Dan Chambers, said his client is anxious to hear the verdict.

“She is just like everyone else,” said Chambers. “We are just waiting on pins and needles. I am sure that it is way tougher for her than me.”

Chambers said it is not unusual for a jury to deliberate for this long because of the large amount of evidence and testimony from the trial.

“A lot of times when you talk with the jury after a case like this,” said Chambers. “They will tell you that it took two to three days just to review the evidence before they can start drilling down on what they think the evidence shows.”

The jury asked several questions on Thursday about Sandoval’s confession tapes from her arrest in 2015 and crime scene photos of Green’s home. 

“It is very clear that they have given a lot of thought,” said Chambers. “They are looking for very specific items and then sending them back out so it is along the nature of getting stuff that they need to have any questions answered.”

If convicted of manslaughter Sandoval would spend years in prison; if convicted of murder lying in wait Sandoval could be sentenced to the death penalty.

Deliberations were continued until Friday morning inside Tulare County Superior Court. If the jury does not have a verdict by noon, it will be postponed for the Thanksgiving holiday week and resume on December 2nd.