All month, a group of immigration activists have been racking up miles on their bikes. Journey2Justice campaign riders are traveling across the Golden State right now, tackling the immigration debate head-on through dialogue. Over the weekend, they made a stop in Fresno.

The campaign first started in Seattle on Aug. 1. The massive bike ride will end in San Diego on Sept. 5, which is the anniversary of DACA’s end.

The purpose of the ride is to promote citizenship for all, especially the 11 million undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. Most of the riders are Asian American youth, some of whom are DACA recipients themselves.

“We’re interacting with people of all sorts, all walks of life. [We’re] exchanging our stories and also learning from them,” said Hector-Jairo Martinez, one of the riders.

The ride is organized by the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium, or NAKASEC. Riders, like Alice, say the ride has been very beneficial to get both sides out there on the discussion table.

“We also live in a bubble, people who work for social justice. It’s very important we go out and meet with different communities to get connected personally, which is the most [effective] way of advocating,” Alice said.

The immigration debate continues gaining steam, especially this past week, with President Donald Trump referencing Mollie Tibbetts’ death.

NAKASEC communications coordinator Sam Yu said the campaign helps humanize the issue.

“When someone is right in front of your face and you’re looking them straight in the eye — it does, I feel, create that kind of empathy and humanity that we’re trying to cultivate,” Yu said.

The campaign rolls out of Fresno Monday, the next destination is Visalia. You can keep track of the entire ride on the campaign’s website, which is right here.