‘It’s totally preventable’: CHP, loved ones beg drivers to not drink and drive


The California Highway Patrol continues to investigate a suspected DUI crash that killed an 8-year-old boy over the weekend.

Officers arrested 35-year-old Karmjit Singh.

CHP says he ran a stop sign going close to a hundred miles an hour. The crash happened Saturday night at a rural intersection in Selma.

CHP sending drivers a message, as this is the latest tragedy in a string of suspected DUI accidents in the county over the last week.

They are saying enough is enough. With all the ride share options available today, CHP says there is no excuse to drink and drive.

On Monday, a small makeshift memorial sat at the corner of Bethel and Rose Avenues, to remember a little boy, 8-year-old Maverick Martzen, killed in a suspected DUI crash on Saturday.

“Mr. Singh, failed to stop at the stop sign, went into the intersection and tragedy collided with the vehicle with the Martzen family inside,” says Victor Taylor with California Highway Patrol.

CHP says Singh is the man responsible. They say Singh was driving on a suspended license and say he was convicted in 2016 for a DUI.

Now, he is facing a slew of new DUI related charges. 

“Allegedly, Mr. Singh was under the influence of alcohol at the time, which he’s been arrested and booked for,” Taylor says.

Hearing the news of Maverick, brought back memories for Laurie Pinheiro.

“It’s heartbreaking because it didn’t have to happen,” says Pinheiro, a member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D).

Pinheiro’s son-in-law, Michael Haynes, was killed almost 10 years ago when a drunk driver crashed into him head on.

“It’s totally preventable, that’s the part that’s so heartbreaking about this, I mean this little boy didn’t died of cancer, he was killed by someone who made a choice,” she says.

And after hearing Ram Bhatia was killed last Thursday by an alleged driver under the influence, Pinheiro pleading for something to change.

“I hope in my lifetime that drunk driving will stop,” she says.

Singh is being held on more than a $200,000 bail.

As for Maverick’s parents, last we heard they were still in critical condition.

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