It used to be an empty shell of a building, and now it's booming with business.

Downtown Fresno's Pacific Southwest Building is now 80% occupied

FRESNO, Calif. - One of the tallest buildings in Fresno used to be a concrete shell but now it's booming with businesses and is almost completely remodeled.

You're used to seeing it when driving on our freeways. A landmark in Fresno.

The Pacific Southwest building is 16 floors and what many don't know is that it's now 80 percent filled with condos or businesses and the owner already has plans for the rest. 

The home to the "Security Bank" sign high above the city now has a dozen functioning floors filled.

"Today it is a multi-space, different type of use building," said Pacific Southwest Director Sandra Chaires.

It came out strong after nearly two years of Fulton Street construction.

"After October 21st when the street opened it's like there's no stopping people. People keep coming people keep calling," she said. 

Sevak Khatchadourian is one of the building's owners. He's proud they took a chance on it.

On the ground floor you'll see the ballroom and underneath "The Vault," a private movie theater and game room. Both keep the style and structure of it's original bank.

The rest of the floors hold different businesses including a luxury salon, "Workspace" -- housing close to 100 different small businesses inside, and 20 private condos overlooking the city

"Downtowns are the core the city. Fresno is getting there. We have crossed a lot of milestones and this is the time we are seeing a lot of interest," he said. 

Though the development has come far, excitement is in what lies ahead. 

"We want someone to work here, live here, and play here," said Khatchadourian,

"We want to see what dreamer what creator comes over and says, 'Hey I want to move my business here,'" said Chaires.

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