It’s a disease that killed a Clovis woman’s daughter and now she’s fighting back by sharing her family’s heartbreaking story.

Alex Hudson was a 22-year old with a full-ride scholarship to UCLA. Two months ago she passed away after a 12-year-battle with Lyme Disease. Her mom said it’s a battle they did not even know they were in until it was too late.

She was her mom’s best friend. Vibrant in every way, an all-star on the field, and a brainiac at school.

“I told her when she was passing that I have never loved anything as much as I had loved her. We were more than best friends, we were soulmates,” said Jody Hudson.

A life lost too soon.

For ten years Alex struggled with chronic pain. Jody said doctors could never figure out what was wrong until last year.

“We went to see a doctor in L.A. It did come back she was positive for Lyme and some other co-infections,” she said.

From that moment there was more pain, more emergency room visits, and more procedures. When she passed at the age of 22 she weighed only 59 pounds. 

“She lifted up her head I knew in that moment she saw Jesus and that was her gift to me saying she would be okay,” said Jody.

Doctor’s said cases of Lyme Disease have been popping up around the state. It’s spread through tick bites. Symptoms include body aches, chills, and no appetite.

“There needs to be mor awareness. Don’t ignore these symptoms because once it goes into the neurological areas patients have to be hospitalized and it can be pretty severe,” said St. Agnes Medical Center Dr. Jagsir Sandhu.

“Remember how blessed you were to be their parent and you go make sure you make something of their life,” said Jody.

Jody is living her daughters legacy every day by creating the Alex Hudson Lyme Disease Foundation. If you’d like to donate– click here.