Investigation: Inside Fresno County's Human Trafficking Task Force

Officers and prosecutors working together to convict suspects & help victims

Fresno, California - It's an Eyewitness News Investigation. We go behind the scenes with law enforcement and prosecutors in Fresno County as they team-up to take down the people responsible for human trafficking. Investigative Reporter Patrick Nelson spent several weeks working on this story, even riding with officers as they uncovered a sex crime going on in a Fresno neighborhood.

Human trafficking and specifically sex trafficking has become overwhelming for just one agency and that's why prosecutors and special teams of investigators are now working together to put sex traffickers behind bars and help find victims a way out of the dangerous lifestyle. Working together in the streets and in the courtroom the people fighting against human trafficking are learning about the impact they can have. 

"I thought it was more of an anomaly and it didn't happen as often as it actually occurs and I think that was so surprising, but I think the second thing that I noticed was the people of Fresno County are not tolerating Human Trafficking," said Fresno County Deputy District Attorney and leader of the human trafficking task force Miiko Anderson.  

Members of the task force say this is a story people all over the Valley will want to pay attention to because human trafficking cases are happening in all areas of Fresno but in every city in Fresno County. 

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