‘I was just trying to fix it’: Fresno man evening out uneven roads


A Fresno man in a wheelchair is going above and beyond.

Cellphone video of Henry Noreen shows him on Saturday using his homemade grader to level out the side of the road in front of his house.

His reasoning — Noreen says the area near McKinley and Marks avenues is a busy area, and he was worried that a driver would get into an accident.

So to make the roads safer, he took it upon himself to try and fix it. 

“This is exactly what goes on,” Noreen describing drivers, and other vehicles like this big rig, driving onto a portion of the uneven, broken up shoulder on McKinley near Marks. 

He says driver usually driver onto it to try and get around those waiting to turn into the parking lot of the apartments across the street.

But he says it can be dangerous.

“Cars in that big hole right there, have gone into that hole many many times and almost lost control and flipped,” Noreen says.

So Noreen says he took it upon himself to try and fix the problem, after waiting for the city to do something about it.

He made a homemade grader with a blade and nails out of a pair of old dresser drawers.

“I was just trying to fix it, if I could, to keep people from being injured,” he says.

And just as he was leveling out, Fresno City Councilmember of District 3, Miguel Arias, stumbled upon Noreen as Arias was riding his bike.

“It look like it was clearly a row that was neglected in the conditions of the road had been deteriorating for years,” says Arias.

He took to social media, posting the video, and addressing the problems he says about needing to do better with SB-1 and Measure C funds.

“We need to make sure that these funds stay in south Fresno and build out and fix our roads that were promised to neighborhoods a long time ago,” Arias says.

After looking into the issue, the city said the stretch of road is actually part of Fresno County — outside the city’s jurisdiction.

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