FRESNO, California (KSEE) – On Tuesday, Kori Muhammad took the stand in his trial on murder charges.

Muhammad’s attorney’s advised him not to testify, but Muhammad wanted to take the stand.

He once again admitted to killing the four men in Fresno. Muhammad compared what he did to the coronavirus a few times throughout his testimony.

“Just like the coronavirus killing people presently I wanted to kill them, yes,” said Muhammad.

When Muhammad took the stand in court, he raised his right fist as he was sworn-in.

Fresno County prosecutor Kelly Smith asked, “Firing a weapon at someone’s there that night you knew that it could injure a person, correct?”

“Obviously,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad is accused of killing Motel 6 security guard Carl Williams on April 13, 2017.

Then five days later gunning down, Zackary Randalls, Mark Gassett, and David Jackson, during a shooting spree in downtown Fresno because they were white.

“When you took aim at these individuals, you intended to kill all three of them didn’t you?” Smith asked.

“Yep,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad recognized throughout his testimony he intended to kill.

“I kill them. yes, he’s dead, so it happen,” Muhammad said.

Smith questioning Muhammad on every murder, “Mr. Muhammad I’m asking you, the second you saw the PG&E truck you were going to find out if there was a white person in it, if there was, you were going to shoot him dead, isn’t that right?”

Muhammad replied, “yes.”

He said, “It was written and 25,000 years ago that this had to happen.”

“God is going to destroy white men in particular, specifically,” Muhammad said.

“I’m asking you, sir, I’m not asking about God,” Smith said.

“I am a God,” Muhammad proclaimed.

Muhammad compared the murders he committed to the coronavirus.

“Why did you shoot him again if he was on the ground?” Smith asked.

“To kill him, just like the Coronavirus is killing white men right now,” Muhammad said.

Closing arguments will take place on Thursday. The jury is expected to reach a verdict on just the murders themselves sometime next week.