‘I thought I’d been hit with a real gun:’ Airsoft gun assailants sought after by police


Frightening attacks in northeast Fresno, someone was randomly firing on unsuspecting victims.

Police are on the hunt searching for suspects in a white car. They were reportedly shooting at people with an air soft gun in Fresno.

Officers say at least 7 people were struck at different locations.

Police say everyone who was struck was either walking in the different locations or sitting at a bus stop like the one on Fresno Street and Bullard Avenue, where Krystal Mireles was struck.

“I thought I’d been hit with a real gun, I made sure to check myself for blood,” Mireles said. 

She was just one of many random victims struck by some sort of pellet Monday afternoon within a two hour span.

“He just slowly pulled up, I looked at the car and he pulled up a gun and he just started firing,” Mireles described of the suspect.

Police say they received several calls from multiple locations in northeast Fresno of at least three or four young adult men – possibly teens – driving around in a small white four door car.

Police say the passenger, possibly African American, was shooting an air soft or BB gun.

“These shootings have occurred at Fresno and Clinton, Dakota and First Street, at Bullard between

First and Fresno, and here at Bullard and Fresno,” says Lt. Mark Hudson, with the Fresno Police Department.

Police say there were 7 victims total. They have officers throughout the district searching for the suspects.

It’s a scene bringing flashbacks to Mireles, she says of the downtown Fresno shooting by Kori Muhammad.

“I’m a mom, I’m a grandma, people don’t think about that,” Mireles cried. 

Adding, “Life’s short and people are out here and crazy, you can’t even go to the bus stop anymore without somebody trying to like harm you.”

Mireles thinking she was going to die, “My sister’s calling me, my husband’s calling me, my best friend is calling me, my kids are calling me, what if that would have been the phone call that I couldn’t answer.”

Police say all victims suffered minor wounds. They are all expected to be ok.

Again, police are searching for the small white car with possibly three or four suspects inside.

Once caught, police say the suspects are facing felony assault charges.

Anyone with information should call the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-7000.

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