FRESNO, California- Eight people were arrested in Hall of Records today after blocking the exit to Board of Supervisors meeting chambers.

Hundred of people were in attendance for the planned protest regarding the negotiations between homecare workers and the county concerning wage.

Well-known local activist Dolores Huerta was one of the eight arrested. She demands the board takes action to raise the wage. Right now, the workers make a state minimum wage of $12 an hour.

“The next time I hope we get a hundred people arrested, okay?” said Huerta. “I am angry with how homecare workers are treated. That they have gone over a decade without giving a wage increase.”

Huerta and the other protestors claim Fresno County has failed local seniors and disabled by not giving them a livable wage. Huerta stated she wants the increase to at least be a dollar.

Supervisor Buddy Mendes said the statement claiming the wage has only gone up by a few cents in the last decade is inaccurate.

“Every time there is an increase in the minimum wage, they get an increase so when they say they haven’t gotten an increase in eleven years that is just an out in out lie,” said Mendes. “This is more about hooping and hollering, and you know causing a ruckus.”

On top of that, Mendes said overall the wage is a state issue and doesn’t fall on the county.

“Let me get something straight, this is a state program, we just administer the state program,” said Mendes.

The 8 people arrested were released, facing misdemeanor charges. Protesters said they will not stop, and plan to be at there once negotiations resume on Thursday.