How you can easily help & donate towards Camp Fire disaster relief


There are many opportunities – local and easy – to help give towards people who have been affected by the wildfires across California.

The next time you pick up your groceries at a Save-Mart, FoodMaxx, Lucky and/or Lucky California grocery store, you many notice you’ll have the option to donate to The Salvation Army. Shoppers can donate any amount at checkout, and 100% of the proceeds will aid local victims who have been affected by the Camp Fire.

David Galyan is the manager of the Save Mart near First and Bullard. He said, “To see some of those cities that actually aren’t there anymore, I  couldn’t imagine what they’re going through, for them and their families.”

Galyan said people may want to help, but don’t know how. He says allowing customers to donate at checkout is an easy way for people to give.

“At the bottom of the receipt has a tax ID, so they can use it for their tax records,” stated Galyan.

Over at The Salvation Army in Fresno, Carole Abella tells us how donated funds are already being used in Butte County.

Abella commented, “They’re seeing folks first of all having support for meals, a place to sleep, and then the other thing that happens is emotional support.”

Other local businesses are lending a helping hand. Dutch Bros. announced Tuesday, customers will have the chance to make donations at the window, and the company will pledge the same amount towards fire aid. Dutch Bros. CEO Travis Boersma said, “Matching donations is just one of several steps we’ll be taking to help support the communities we love as they begin the process of rebuilding.”

Some other businesses that are helping out the victims of the fires include Macy’s and House of Pendragon Brewery in Clovis.

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