How Santa Claus Lane lights up Clovis neighborhood


One Clovis neighborhood is taking Christmas spirit to the next level. For the third year in a row, the Clovis Festival of Lights at Ladera Ranch features homes in a computer animated Christmas light show. Santa Claus Lane is back and the amount of homes lit up with Christmas cheer is growing.

If the southeast neighborhood of Gettysburg and Locan is the winter wonderland of Clovis, then call Deb Toews ‘Mrs. Claus’. From her holiday command center, Toews programs her house as well as her neighbors homes with Christmas lights. All synchronized to music.

“We work on this all year round. Constantly,” said Toews.

Crowds of families take a stroll through Santa Claus Lane. Some enjoy the decorations from their car. A holiday staple for many.

“We drive at least three times and we walk at least once so it’s a good tradition now for us,” said Sadie Foore who came with her children.

As popularity on Santa Claus Lane grew, expansion was inevitable and the residents on Main and Norwich wanted in on the light show. Now 34 homes are shining with about 250,000 LED lights. Not to mention 15 miles of custom made extension cords. But the most important stat? How many people plan to visit the festival.

“Right now our event on Facebook is at 14,000 I want to say just for tonight so we’ll see,” said Toews.

Children get to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus and feet away, food vendors open up shop for the first time at this event, creating even more crowds.

“Oh, it’s been crazy. I barely got there at 5:30 and we were already running around,” said Analesli Trujillo. Her family owns Cinnamon Roll Shack.

Some families make sure to donate money before heading home. Portions of the donations go to feeding the homeless.

“I’m a registered nurse so I’ve always been involved with taking care of my community. So this is just a different way for us to do that, a more creative way,” said Toews.

Santa Claus Lane will be open from 6 to 10 every night through New Year’s Eve.

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