“Hope” The Homeless Dog With a Severed Leg Recovering After Surgery


FRESNO, Calif. — A dog found emaciated with a severed leg  is on the mend after surgery.

A homeless woman found Hope one week ago. She took her to the Animal Compassion team.

She now stands on 3 legs and her new scar lines her tiny body but Hope is thriving after her long journey to get here.

“It is a miracle.”

The 5 ish year old terrier mix was found last Monday. The animal compassion team says hope crawled up to a homeless woman in her cardboard near Orange and Railroad.

She was emaciated, still lactating and had a severed leg with flesh showing.

“The nature of the injury was just gruesome and it was shocking,” said Joyce Brandon, Director of Animal Compassion Team.

The homeless woman rushed her to the animal compassion team to get her help.

“It is a miracle the woman even knew to bring them here,” said Brandon.

The team didn’t know how long she had been suffering or what had happened to her but they rushed her to the vet.

They amputated her front leg right up to the shoulder  and luckily the large wound did not get infected.

“One look at her we knew we had to do something.”

The Animal Compassion Team said her story went viral and they raised more than $5,000 for her covering the cost of her entire surgery.

“The outpouring of love and support for her was beyond belief.”

Named Hope for her strong will to live, she is ready for her forever home..

“The timing was perfect somebody was looking out for this little girl.”

3 families have already said they want to adopt her.

To donate to other animals in need like hope, you can click here : Animal Compassion Team

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