Homicide victim's son: 'I want justice'

Police say 75-year-old Mary Brown was killed by blunt force trauma

FRESNO, Calif. - The death of a 75-year-old woman is now being investigated as a homicide by Fresno Police. On November 21, detectives say they found Mary Brown inside her home where she was beaten brutally. She died of her injuries six days later.

Investigators say Mary Brown knew the suspect well but they say more work has to be done to make an arrest. Brown's son opened up about who his mother was.

As each page of the family photo album turns, David Brown remembers how his life changed forever once this woman chose to adopt him when he was a baby.

"I love my mother very much with all my heart and to make that kind of decision's impossible to describe," said David.

David says his decision to take 75-year-old Mary Brown off life support before she passed away last Monday is the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Six days prior, police arrived at Brown's home on Robinson Avenue near Maroa after her caregiver found her terribly injured.

"They discovered that there was an elderly female who was suffering from blunt trauma to the upper body," said Lieutenant Dave Madrigal.

Lieutenant Madrigal says Brown and the person of interest have history...
But the suspect is not on the loose.

"The suspect is currently being housed. He's being watched by authorities," said Madrigal.

David says his mother was a foster parent to dozens of children. She loved crafts, had many friends and was deeply religious.

"She just gave most of her life over to Jesus, to the church," said David.

David's family is doing its best to cope with tragedy. He says his father passed away nearly two years ago. Now his mother is a victim of murder.

"I want justice. I want the law to continue their investigation. I want the person of interest to be put in a mental institution or behind bars for the rest of their life," said David.

Police say a murder weapon was recovered from the crime scene. Investigators have not said what the motive is. 

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