Homes destroyed, thousands forced to flee as wildfires continue to grow


A state of emergency is underway in Northern California as fire crews work to contain at least 15 fast-moving wildfires.

The Atlas fire has burned over 25,000 acres in Napa County. 
10 people are now confirmed dead in group of wildfires that are burning in Northern California. Seven of the dead are in Sonoma county, two others are in Napa and one in Mendocino county.

The fires have devoured more than a thousand homes and buildings, forcing many to evacuate.

Tens of thousands of residents in Napa and Sonoma counties fled their homes…while others hosed down their properties.  The fires have caused two hospitals to evacuate- the Kaiser Permanente hospital and Sutter hospital. 

Crews dumped flame retardant in wine country, as firefighters quickly worked to save homes. 

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