Hillary Clinton’s Party Looks For Fresno Venue

First came former president Bill Clinton. Then presumptive republican nominee Donald Trump and then Bernie Sanders on Sunday. Now some are saying it’s very likely that democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will be making her own Fresno appearance.
“If she’s coming she’s coming before the 7th”, says regional chair Doug Kessler.
Doug and Estella Kessler have been in contact with the Clinton camp and say they are currently scouting locations in Fresno, for a possible appearance before next Tuesday’s primary.
“I gave them a pretty big extensive list, that’s what they asked for and they did come back that they want to be in Fresno”, says Kessler.
Political analyst Don Larson says this year the central valley may play a key role in the political fates of Clinton and Sanders. Larson says, “the central valley has all of the sudden become very significant in this primary election”.
He’s hoping if she does come, she’ll bring some substance with her. Referring to Bernie Sanders, Larson says, “he didn’t really talk about water, Trump didn’t really talk about water and water is our big problem”/
But Larson says there is still another presidential prospect yet to come to town, the libertarian party just announced it’s candidate Gary Johnson. “He’s the Presidential nominee he’s the former Governor of New Mexico and William Weld is a former Governor of Massachusetts, he severed two terms and was quite popular”, says Larson.
Estella Kessler is excited about a possible announcement. She says, “I am crossing my fingers that she does come because I will be totally excited, I’ve been to several other places where I have gone to her rallies and her events and I would love for her to be right here in the Fresno area”.
Clinton only needs 73 delegates to clinch the nomination. California’s primary is proportional, not winner take all. That means if a candidate wins a district they also win the delegate.

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