High Speed Rail Cleans Up Homeless Camps on Their Property After Neighbors, Politicians Complain


FRESNO, Calif. —  A follow up to a story we brought you last week.  A field by High Speed Rail was filled with homeless encampments.

Frustrated neighbors near the Golden State Avenue property shared their story with us. After our story aired the High Speed Rail authority sent out crews to clean it up.

“It is unbelievable, it is unbelievable,” said Amber Hillman, neighobr. 

Those were the words Amber Hillman used to describe her feelings after seeing the field next to her house completely clean on Tuesday.

“I don’t see any trash but this is how it needs to look,” said Amber Hillman, neighbor. 

Just less than a week ago, it was a different picture. The High Speed Rail authority owned field was filled with dozens of homeless people, tents, garbage, dogs and needles.

“I was angry, I was really disapointed nothing was going to be done,” said Hillman. 

Amber Hillman made plenty of complaints to the High Speed Rail Authority but she said they said there was no room in the budget to clean it.

So she reached out to Assemblyman Jim Patterson, who then reached out to us to end this issue. 

“They really have an obligation to do a whole lot more than take the property and let it become a blight to the city,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson. 

After our story aired, the high speed rail authority acted, sent CHP to get the homeless off the property.

“It was a mad dash to grab everything you want before they throw it away or arrest you,” said Jason, homeless 

Jason was one of the homeless people living in the field.

When police arrived on Tuesday morning he said he grabbed his essentials and ran across the street.

That is where he and others from the encampment are living now because they say they don’t know where to go.

“Not every one of us makes a mess, the ones that do make a mess we try to get rid of them,” said Jason. 

Hillman said it is not about kicking the homeless out.

She says she wants to hold the High Speed Rail accountable for watching it’s property near her home. 

“I think it is important for people to see  this story, the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” said Hillman. 

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