High speed motorcycle chase speeds through Fresno State campus, police say

47-year-old Dean James Robert was arrested Wednesday morning after the chase

FRESNO, Calif. - A man on a motorcycle led Fresno Police on a high speed chase through two counties before riding through the Fresno State campus.

"Motor's off Belmont and Broadway. Gonna be a green Kawasaki taking off from the motor getting on the freeway eastbound," said a police dispatcher.

Police say 47-year-old Dean James Robert took off on officers, riding his Kawasaki 1200, allegedly failing to yield before running a red light at Fulton and 180.

"Motor call is now northbound 41 from 180 on the green Kawasaki motorcycle," said the police dispatcher.

Police followed Robert into Madera but they say he turned back around. At some points, speeding at more than 140 miles an hour back to Fresno. Kayla Delgado is a Fresno State freshman who says she witnessed the chase tear through campus.

"When I realized he was going 40 miles per hour, that was kind of like a signal that something wasn't right," said Delgado.

Police say two helicopters joined in the pursuit. Bulldog football players watched from practice.

"And it kinda circled the stadium. We all looked up and was like wonder what that is," said Justin Allen.

Delgado says she felt a gust of wind as the Kawasaki raced by on the sidewalk, nearly hitting her friend.

"But she was very close. Like super hairline close," said Delgado.

Delgado says Robert then sped off the pavement, deeper onto campus property.

"He was going on the grass just like a dirt bike would be doing," said Delgado.

Police followed Robert into downtown where he eventually stopped at Tulare and L Street. Lieutenant Mark Hudson says Robert faces multiple charges including felony evading.

"Fortunately no one was injured in this case," said Hudson.

Robert was taken to CRMC after complaining about pain. He's now in custody at Fresno County Jail.

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