FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – For Fresno City College professor, Dr. Kathleen Rhodes Schock, a laser focus on education was almost a birthright. It was something her dad had stressed to her most of her childhood.

On a recent visit to the African American Museum, she recalled her family’s meager beginnings.

“They grew up in Calwa living really in a tent,” said Schock.

Schock’s dad Robert was one of four boys. James, Cecil, and King.  All of whom attended Reedley Community College. It was a vital step in the journey to reach their goals

“They got professional degrees and were incredibly successful,” said Schock.

Robert would go on to be an emergency room doctor, King became a dentist, and Cecil would graduate from law school and lastly, James, would become an educator.

 In 2006 all four were inducted into the State Center Community College Wall of Honor.

“At the time they were inducted, I was a reporter for channel 47. I was able to cover the story and interview my dad,” Schock.

The Wall of Honor, a unique idea put together by leaders of the museum’s founder Jack Kelly and the State Center’s Community College Chancellor Bill Stuart.

“You come here and you get to see all of the people that made this town great here.”

Dr. Carol Drake is a former dean of health science at Fresno City College.  She sees the community college as the bedrock of the community.

“This is where you can go and make a profession and come back and contribute to your community,” said Drake.

 A vision Drake says the Rhodes’ understood. 

“They were excellent in what they did with community service. They deserved to be on the wall,” said Drake.

 Service built on a foundation of education is a principle the Rhodes family new quite well.

“In my dad’s office, he had all of his diplomas framed but the one in the most prominent position was the one from Reedley College. He said if that diploma wasn’t on that wall, none of the other diplomas would’ve been on the wall,” said Schock.