MYSTERY WIRE — Since its first eruption in 1989, the volcano in front of The Mirage Resort has thrilled millions of visitors. Operating a volcano requires a team effort and special technology. But in the end, it comes down to one guy — the Volcano man.

Few people ever get to see the volcano from the inside. Few know how it works, what it takes to coordinate all of the effects, equipment, and booming sounds, and who’s in charge. When it’s operating, the volcano erupts several times each night. That requires some one-of-a-kind equipment and a one-of-a-kind license.

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“We’re the only ones who have a license to operate a volcano,” says “Volcano man” Kurt Arend. So, what does it say on the license? Arend tells us, “Volcano effects operator.”

No TV news team has ever been allowed to stand on top of the volcano when it erupts, but it is an outstanding view, minus a few singed hairs.

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