‘Heartbroken’ community raises funeral donations for Selma teen. ‘A lot of people loved him’


Dozens of Selma High School students held a car wash fundraiser to help raise money for Ramon Gonzalez’ family.

On Saturday, the 16-year-old was riding his dirt bike when CHP says he drove into a big rig, killing him instantly.

Since the accident, the small community has come together.

Sunday, was the first time many of the students and school staff got together to comfort one another. 
But the students wanted to help the family by raising money to help with funeral expenses.

They held an impromptu car wash Sunday night and another one Monday, where they said they raised over $4,000.

One wash at a time, students are hoping to help pay for the funeral of the friend they lost.

“We don’t want the family paying for all of it so we thought this would be something good,” said Michell Leocadio, a friend.

Leocadio says Ramon was always there to lend a hand no matter big or small.

So this car wash fundraiser, she said is the least they could do to lend a hand right back.

“He was really like a good guy so a lot of people are doing this for him and we’re thankful for that,” she said.

The Selma High football player was killed Saturday while riding his dirt bike.

California Highway Patrol said Gonzalez crashed into the side of a big rig.

His friends, still coping with the pain. “I’ve been trying to hold it together, stay strong and stay steady but inside I’m really hurt,” said Noah Gonzalez, who played on the same football team.

The sophomore’s death has left the community heartbroken. Several folks waited in line to do what they can with a simple gesture.

“He’s just one of our own, I mean I didn’t know him you know but just being in the community I felt that I needed to come do my share,” said Maryann Ramirez, a Selma resident. 

Friends say they’ll continue to help support Gonzalez’ family any way they can.

“A lot of people loved him, he was loved,” said Ana Hernandez, who had classes with Gonzalez.

His teammate added, “It just means the world, it means that our friends really care about him and we can just come together and help each other.”

A GoFundMe account was set up by friends in Gonzalez’ honor to support his funeral.

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