Many DC Comics fans in the Valley are heading to the largest comic book convention in the world.

The comic craze is hot – so is one popular vixen.

Poster girl DC Comics character Harley Quinn is ready for San Diego, and she was created in Fresno by Monster City Studios.

“Harley – there’s so many cool things about her,” said James Allen Powell, vice president of design at Monster City Studios. “Wonder Woman is super popular right now because of the movie, but Harley is a villain, and she’s kind of weird and quirky and she’s fun at the same time – and obviously she’s kind of sexy.”

Comic Con in San Diego is the biggest pop-culture event in the world, Powell said.

“I mean there are literally hundreds of thousands of people that show up, and it started really because of DC and Marvel – and some other smaller comic book companies, and she’s going to be front and center in DC’s booth,” Powell said.