Weeks of fund raising, and ticket selling came to an end, with the selection of Kay Burnett of Fresno’s ticket in the Granville Home of Hope drawing.  She wins the beautiful new Granville home, and was part of an effort that makes Fresno County a winner, as well as the 10 local non-profits that benefit from the 452-thousand dollars in ticket sales.
According to Darius Assemi of Granville Homes, “This program provides food, shelter, health and education for the under privileged that aspire to do better but need a stopgap measure at least temporarily.”
This is the eleventh year for the Home of Hope project.  But the excitement of winning never gets old.  Just ask Fresno State professor Dr. Christina Luna.  Her ticket won her a 2-year lease of a 2016 Lexus RX courtesy of Fresno Lexus.
Kay Burnett wasn’t on hand for house the drawing, but it didn’t take long for her to get the message and stop by to see her new home for the first time.  “I was just leaving the office.  I was working on a big project, hoping to go home and have dinner and a nice quiet evening.   This is much better, ” she said.  It”s a huge win for someone who bought the ticket to help the community.  It’s what she’s done for the last 5 years.   ” I always get one for me and the two kids  I never even thought we would win.  So this is just a bonus I guess,” she said.
  It’s a bonus that’s about as big as it gets.  A win-win for all involved, but especially for this mother of two who is now a new homeowner.