GOP Tax Plan May Eliminate Electric Car Tax Credit


FRESNO, Calif. — The new GOP tax proposal is causing concerns for electric vehicle sales. In the new plan the federal incentives put into place by the Obama administration would be taken away.

The GOP’s new proposed tax plan could eliminate a significant incentive for purchasing electric vehicles.

The $7,500 tax credit has boosted electric vehicle sales. The proposed move is a part of a tax overhaul that reduces deductions.

This is something Fred Vanderhoof with the Fresno County Republican Party said is necessary for the state.

“We need to be cutting back,” said Fred Vanderhoof, Fresno County Republican Party.

Michael Evans with the Fresno County Democratic Party said the proposed plan is moving away a more green California.

“The administration seems to have a fixation on coal and fossil fuel industry.  Our future is around clean energy the environment requires it,” said Evans.

Lawmakers, including Governor Jerry Brown, have been pushing the state and federal rebates in an effort to move further away from fossil fuels.

Environmentalists said taking away electric vehicle incentives will slows greenhouse gas goals.

“The sooner we can get more electric vehicles on the road and retire our gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, the quicker we can clean up our air so taking away the federal tax credit will make it harder to reduce air pollution in California,” said Bill Magavern, Coalition for Clean Air.

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