FRESNO, California — In this week’s GirlPower series we meet a young lady, who at age 17, has accomplished a lot more than most teenagers.

Shanttal Miller hasn’t even graduated high school and she already started her own movement, volunteered hundreds of hours and has inspired so many young women.

She volunteers every week at SPCA in Visalia, where she lives.

“To be able to come here and help, really just warms up my heart to be able to help these dogs that I am not able to adopt,” said Shanttal.

Also each week she travels to Fresno to also volunteer at Valley Children’s Hospital, helps out at the Visalia Rescue Mission, and is part of many local events.

“Everyone has some part of participation in changing the world whether it be through something small or something big, you can definitely make a difference,” she said.

Shanttal is also the current Miss Visalia Teen USA.

She recently won the community service award from the Miss California Teen USA organization.

Shanttal, like most high schoolers, needs 200 hours of community service to graduate high school.

As a soon-to-be-senior, she already has over 2000 hours of service to the valley.

“I believe if you are helping someone else achieve their dreams and be successful, then at the same time you are being successful to yourself,” she added.

Apart from volunteering her time, Shanttal is working really hard to make her movement come to reality.

“My movement is called breaking barriers and it mainly focuses on teaching women, men and children of all ages of how to break glass ceilings and to go against the norms and turning the impossible into something possible,” Shanttal explains.

Shanttal wants to continue competing in pageants to spread the word about her movement and to motivate young women to do more for their community.

She said sometimes young people get so caught up with today’s technology and social media that they forget what truly matters.

“I would rather be helping someone and advocating for different causes than just sitting back looking at my phone and not doing anything, but to know I am making a positive impact in the world in one way or another is definitely more rewarding than getting 100 likes on an Instagram post,” Shanttal said.