If you’re hungry, and I mean really hungry, one Mexican restaurant in Fresno has you covered.  At Taqueria Yarelis (429 N. Fresno St.) people are lining up for the Anaconda Burrito.
It is without a doubt the largest burrito you’ve ever seen, and it’s getting even bigger with the help of Facebook.
Jose Gonzalez is one of the millions of people that saw a video of the anaconda burrito under construction.  Layers of beans, meat, cheese and salsa, wrapped up and finished on a hot grill.
“We seen the video on Facebook about the Anaconda burrito,” Gonzales says.  “So we figured we’d come check it out. It’s pretty big.”
Less than 24 hours after the video was posted, Gonzales was picking one up to split with his whole family.  The whole thing for 23 dollars.
Edwin Espinoza is the owner/cook/mad scientist behind this monster.
“One day i was just fooling around in the kitchen,” Espinoza says.  “I was making party trays of asada fries, nachos and i was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to make a big burrito.'”
He says the Anaconda is already one of their best sellers– sometimes thirty in an hour.  With this video going viral around the world, he’s expecting business to boom.
“It’s crazy.  The internet, social media.  There’s so many opportunities,” Espinoza says.
“We’re real blessed to have so many people here following us and supporting our business.”