FUSD hosts annual scholarship luncheon


New Superintendent Bob Nelson spoke as the keynote speaker at Fresno Unified School District’s annual scholarship luncheon.
The district is currently in contract negotiations so during his speech he attempted to reassure local leaders they are working hard to prevent a strike.
The Superintendent also talked about his vision for the district.

He says he plans to lead the district towards creating more accountability, equity, connectivity and transparency.

He even pointed out that starting today the district will post all of its data on their website for the public to have 24/7 access to how the district is doing.

“I’m pleased to inform you that the state of education at fresno unified is strong and getting stronger,” says Nelson.

Nelson touted that more and more students are going to college within FUSD.

“96 percent of our graduates applied at least to one institution of higher education,” says Nelson

At the end of his speech, he eventually addressed the elephant in the room.

“I think all of us know, deeply, that a strike would be a devastating shot at our city and is something that should be avoided at all possible,” says Nelson.

Nelson says he is working hard to address all 18 articles in the Fresno Teacher’s Association requests.

“When I came in 91 there were teachers that would not sit next to each other because one walked across the picket line and another had not from the 1977 strike. I don’t want that for our community,” says Nelson.

What he does want for the community is for everyone to come together.

An example of that was the thousands of dollars raised at the luncheon all to support students like Anna Titterington who drew two beautiful pictures and hopes to go to art school one day.

“I’m going to need scholarship money in the future so it’s pretty cool that we are fundraising in a creative way. It’s awesome,” says Titterington, Edison High School Student.

Last year the scholarship luncheon helped 49 students, this year they hope to help many more students.

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