Hosting Easter Sunday? Annie Foreman, The Real Housewife of Fresno, has easy and creative ideas for Easter eats and twists on the traditional egg hunt you can pull off in just minutes!

“Look at what you have around the house,” she said. “Check out blogs, check out Pinterest for easy ideas. They can be simple and still be fun!”

For the kids, she made a veggie plate with pre-sliced carrots and broccoli. To accompany a fruit salad for adults, she made fruit skewers with a peep. For a sweet treat, she whipped up “bunny bait,” which includes: kettle corn, melted chocolate and various candy. 

She offers several twists on the egg hunt, including a scavenger hunt and an ‘addition’ egg hunt. If you have children attending varying in age, she says assigning each child a color can make the egg hunt more fair. 

You can read more on Annie’s blog, the Real Housewife of Fresno!