Fresno woman recovering after neighbor stabs her in the head


A Fresno woman is recovering after her neighbor attacked her and her roommate with a knife Sunday. 

Amy Hooper received more than 10 staples on her head to help close the large gash wounds that she received in the attack. 

All I remember is that he had a straight edge razor really sharp with a wooden handle, Hooper said. 

Fresno Police said Napoleon Taylor, 69, Fresno stabbed two people on Sunday in his apartment complex than barricaded himself in his apartment until he finally gave up. 

I was at the bottom. My sons were trying to pull him off me, my roommate was trying to pull him down, and they finally got him, he fell in the house, and then he cut my roommates hand cause he wouldn’t let go of the knife, and he was saying the whole time, I’m going to kill you, Hooper said. 

Less than 24 hours, Taylor was booked for an assault with a deadly weapon but posted bond and was released 10:00 a.m. Monday. 

Police were called out to the same apartment complex because Taylor started harassing the property manager and Hooper. 

Hooper has a restraining order against Taylor before the stabbing, she says Taylor has been harassing her and her family for a year but in January things started to escalate. 

Hooper, a single mother fears for her and her Children’s life. 

He knows he can get out of jail and walk right up in my face and tell me anything he wants, he can kill me, he doesn’t care, Hooper said. 

According to police, they have responded to calls of Taylor acting bizarre in the past. 

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