FRESNO, Calif. — Dozens of educators and administrators met up on Wednesday to work on a plan for the future of education in Fresno.

The nonprofit Go Public Schools Fresno hosted the meet up.

“Students community allies all joining together to make sure the board is making the right decisions to get kids to the future,” said Diego Arambula, Executive Director of Go Public Schools Fresno.

The nonprofit said 1 out of every 3 students in Fresno Unified are at grade level English and only one out of every 4 Students are on grade level math.

“Why are students required to go through the same curriculum at the same time just because they are the same age,” said Kevin Evangelinos, Principal at Tioga Middle School.

A group of 7th grade students at Tioga Middle School are taking part in a pilot of personalized learning, where they can learn at their own pace and be their own advocates.

“The quality of work has greatly increased which is not a huge benefit not only to us but to our students,” said Evangelinos.

The nonprofit said they are ready to change the way of learning.

 “We are hopeful it is possible but it’s not possible if we just keep doing the same thing we have been doing,” said Arambula.