Fresno Unified approves new dress code

FRESNO, California - The Fresno Unified School Board voted 6-1 to approve a more relaxed dress code policy for students.

They voted to give individual schools the authority to create their own policy, which would then be reviewed by a committee. Schools can enforce or ignore any 'gray areas' not specifically addressed in the district wide-policy.

The dress code states student's clothing must not present a health or safety hazard or interfere with the educational process; it also gave no specifics about hair or jewelry. Some worry that this new flexibility could lead to dozens of different dress codes, causing potential problems of unequal enforcement.

"If the code is vague and open to interpretation then we have an unequal application to it," said school board member Carol Mills. "We don't want 104 different dress codes. So we need something that is sufficiently specific.. That the vast majority of our schools can live with."

With the new policy in place students will not be suspended or expelled for violating the dress code. 

The school district decided to review its policy, after two students were suspended because of their haircuts back in March.

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