Fresno State remembers one of its music professors, Brad Hufft. Hufft’s body was found inside his car in Coarsegold Thursday night. Hufft had been reported missing on Wednesday.

Investigators say the vehicle had minor damage and was found off the side of Werney Road. His death is still under investigation. 

Hufft taught at Fresno State for 13 years. During that time he also earned his doctorate’s degree. Teaching music was his passion. Students and faculty are shocked to learn of his passing.

Step into the music building and you’ll hear music play. The tempo is upbeat but for many students at Fresno State, Monday was a sad day. The course “Music 187” canceled after the death of Dr. Brad Hufft.

“I think everybody is feeling this. It’s a very sad time in our department,” said Dr. Matthew Darling, Professor of Music.

Darling says he taught with Dr. Hufft for more than a decade. He remembers the passion Hufft brought to his lectures.

“I mean, he was a composer, he wrote music and he was a performer and he was a an engaging lecturer. You could tell he cared about the material,” said Darling.

Current and former students were shocked to learn Hufft died during Spring Break last week. Some even stopped to leave flowers at his office.

“They could tell how much he cared for them and he would bend over backwards to help people and to help the students,” said Darling.

Dr. Hufft didn’t just teach music courses. He lived it. Recording two albums, touring with a rock band, and composed music as well.

“He definitely connected with the students at a personal level, talking about his own personal experiences with what he’s done through his lifetime,” said a former student, Rebecca Duran.

School officials say Hufft was a lead developer of Fresno State’s online jazz and rock course.

“As a community here at Fresno State, it’s definitely a loss and it’s going to be a sore spot for a while,” said Duran.

“Everybody loved Brad. He was just a great colleague,” said Darling.

Officials say students in Hufft’s classes have been notified and his courses will continue. Multiple professors will be helping out the rest of the semester.