A Fresno State football player is awake and out of a coma.

A Heatstroke sent Offensive Lineman Shane Gama to the hospital during practice Friday.

He is a awake, but the school says he is still in serious condition.

Fresno Unified School District Athletics Director Brett Mar, says sports training will start in a couple of weeks and this incident has them extra cautious.

“That’s always a concern,” said Mar. “You get some kids that will just push themselves, and you just have to have a watchful eye on those kids to make sure they aren’t pushing themselves too hard.”

Mar says they try to move practices to early in the morning or late at night to try and avoid students from suffering heat strokes.

“At 105 and above we cancel our athletic practices,” said Mar.

Doctor Ignacio Guzman at North Fresno Primary Care says the most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated, which, he says for athletes require more than just drinking water.

“Load up on things like bananas, grapes, berries, things that have a lot of sodium and potassium so that your body is naturally hydrated and has the electrolytes such as sodium to keep water on board,” said Dr. Guzman.

He says stay away from caffeinated drinks which not only dehydrates the body, but makes it more likely to suffer a heatstroke.

“When you are resting between laps your body is not going to be able to cool down when it is supposed to be resting because that supplement is stimulating your body when it’s supposed to be cooling down so that can be dangerous,” said Dr. Guzman.

Mar says the Fresno State football player suffering a heatstroke is a reminder to all coaches in the district that their athletes aren’t super human.

“Coaches are reminded to give athletes extended rest periods as needed and to build that into their practices,” said Mar.

Fresno State declined to interview on-camera, but they did release a statement saying “Fresno State junior football student-athlete Shane Gama is in serious condition but no longer in ICU in Fresno Community Regional Medical Center. He was taken there by ambulance Friday afternoon, July 15, unresponsive after suffering from heatstroke following a team workout. That workout was supervised by the head football strength and conditioning coach and the Fresno State sports medicine staff.”