FRESNO Calif. (KGPE)- For the past few weeks Fresno State students, staff, faculty, and alumna’s have been making personal protective equipment with their 3D printers.

Noah Haworth is a Fresno State Mechanical Engineer Student. He said he enjoys helping out his community through this kind of work.

“I like to be able to help out the best I can that’s why I am here and that’s why all of us are here,” said Haworth. “So, it’s nice to be able to apply our course work and help our community the best we can.”

They are printing different kind of masks to be used for front line medical workers.

The masks were designed and approved by Fresno State Mechanical Engineering alums. With the goal to donate about 1,000 face masks and face shields to Community Regional Medical Center and other surrounding medical facilities.

“The one that we are currently making quite a few of they liked that they were able to wear their goggles with them specifically and they are also comfortable.” said Haworth.

Fresno State professor The Nguyen said fighting the pandemic will take more than standard protective face shields. So, they are modifying a new prototype.

“With the pandemic hitting the Valley and California we anticipate there being a shortage on PPE,” said Nguyen. “Personal protective equipment including face shields, face masks, also the purified air.”

He wore the prototype pictured here. He said these would be used for those treating COVID-19 patients in ICU’s and although they have just made one so far they plan on making 10 to 15 more in the week to come.

“This one will provide the positive pressure so that whatever the person wearing it breathes out it won’t go back into their lungs and things outside in the air won’t get into this chamber,” said Nguyen.

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