Fresno received numerous weather related calls and spent most of the day cleaning tree debris


It’s another stormy day in the valley with wind, rain, and hail all very present. 

Scott Mozier is the Public Works Director for the City of Fresno. He says the city was prepared for the rain however the big issue they faced was the wind. 

“So, in terms of flooding and issues like that we really didn’t have any major issues,” says Mozier. “The big issue for us was really the wind.”

In the past 24 hours the city of Fresno received around 50 weather related calls. Some tree limbs fell down on roadways and others hit power lines. 

“So, we had to mobilize additional crews,” says Mozier. “And get the streets and sidewalks cleared and now we are in clean up mode today.”

This past week was very windy with wind gust at or above 30 mph. That was a major factor in uprooting weak trees. 

Mark Hudson is the Public Information Officer for Fresno Police. He says they assisted in many weather related calls. 

“If there is a limb in the roadway we do want to get notified because it could be a traffic hazard,” says Hudson. 

According to Hudson Fresno PD received around 40 calls yesterday, and although today is not as windy, they are still receiving calls.

“We received 15 calls for police service coming in to our dispatch center,” says Hudson. “Trees being in the roadway, blocking the roadway, being down.”

Hudson encourages anyone who sees a tree on a roadway to call the city and report it. Or report it using the app FresGo.

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