Fresno police search for women they say, robbed two 7-Eleven stores using pepper spray


No pleasantries exchanged, as two women in sweatshirts with hoods pulled tight, approached the counter of two Fresno 7-Eleven stores.

A sting to the eyes for the unsuspecting clerk.

“They actually had their money out,” Fresno Police Department Sgt. Brian Valles said. “Then, the register was open, they made their move and took their money.”

The first time, at the store on Bullard and Fresno streets, June 25th, around 2 a.m.

The women getting away with $700.

“They had their clothing, sweatshirts on pulled over their face, surrounding it, but not completely covering it,” Valles said. “Walked over to the cold storage, grabbed a couple items, acted as if they were going to purchase them.”

The second robbery, July 12th, at another 7-Eleven, on Herndon and Milburn.

This time, one of the suspects taking things a step further.

“She kind of got stuck, but attempted to jump over the counter,” Valles said.

The suspects only stealing about $100.

Regular shoppers like Brett Beltran, were surprised to hear what happened. Especially when he heard the suspects were women, only around 5-feet tall, wielding pepper spray.

“You never want to judge a book by its cover, but you never see that coming, exactly,” Beltran said.

Police say commercial robberies are down citywide 19%, from this time last year.

They do believe the women took off in a car.

If you know anything, contact the Fresno Police Department.

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