Fresno Police Officers Buy Brand New Bike For 7 Year Old After His Was Stolen


FRESNO, Calif. —  On Saturday, Fresno Police officers bought 7 year old Josiah a brand new bike with their own money.

Josiah said older teenagers in his neighborhood stole his bike while he was riding it. 

“I was holding onto my bike really tight and this 16 year old, he took my hands off my bike and took it away,” said Josiah. 

Josiah ran home frantically to tell his mom.

“He was terrified, he was crying,” said Michelle Rodarte, Josiah’s mother. 

His mom called the police and they showed up quickly to respond to what they said was a strong arm robbery.

“Theft of a bike, robbery of a bike, leads to something bigger and we are trying to prevent that,” said Sgt. TJ Kazarian, Fresno Police Department. 

Their call quickly changed when they found out Josiah’s bike was a birthday present and that his family may not be able to replace it.

“We felt the need to get him his bike,” said Sgt. Kazarian. 

The officers bought the bike with their own money and came back to Josiah’s house to show him their gift to him.
“I saw my new bike.” 

 “It made me feel like they care, it was awesome like it was a blessing, it was nice,” said Michelle, Josiah’s mom. 

“Once those relationships are established with the citizens and the kids, it breaks that barrier. They can come to the police for help,” said Sgt. Kazarian. 

Now Josiah is back on the bike and nothing is stopping him now. 

 “It is just the right size for me,” said Josiah.

Police said they are increasing patrols and are confident they will find the suspects responsible. 

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