UPDATE: The Fresno Police Department said the suspect died in surgery. The identification of the suspect is being withheld, pending notification of his family, and confirmation by the Fresno County Coroner’s Office.


A 19-year old man is shot multiple times by two Fresno Police officers on Saturday afternoon.

Fresno Police said around 3:20pm, officers tried pulling the man over in the in the area of Shields and Armstrong in Southeast Fresno for speeding. When the driver finally pulled over at the Chevron gas station, investigators said he didn’t comply with officers’ commands to show his hands. Deputy Chief Pat Farmer said officers felt the man was reaching for a weapon, so they shot. However, no weapon was found on the suspect.

Farmer said the man is 19-years old from Clovis. They’re not releasing his identity yet. Investigators said he’s in critical condition at Community Regional Medical Center.

“The subject was told to show his hands. The solo occupant of the pickup truck would show the officers one hand at a time and kept one hand hidden during the contact,” stated Farmer.

Farmer said the man got out of the truck and started to make bizarre comments.

Farmer said, “The subject made a statement that he hated his life and made affirmative movement to the small of his back at which time he was shot several times by officers at the scene.”

Farmer said his officers felt the suspect was reaching for a weapon.

“Initially we did not find a weapon on his person, we have yet to do a thorough search of the pickup truck he was driving in,” stated Farmer.

Investigators said the two officers involved are veterans. One has been in law enforcement for 20 years, and the other for 17 years. Both of those officers are on administrative leave. This is the 7th officer involved shooting in Fresno this year.