The Fresno Police Department has carried out a large Marijuana bust on the 6600 block of Orleans in the city’s Sunnyside area.  70 pounds of processed Marijuana was reportedly seized.

Police Investigators say they put the home under surveillance after getting complaints from neighbors about too much foot traffic going into, and out of the home.  Police say they followed three of the homes residents as they allegedly made deliveries in various parts of Fresno.

Police arrested two men and a woman then served a warrant at the home.  That’s when they allegedly found the 70 pounds of processed Marijuana. But Police say they found more than just the Marijuana.  They reportedly also found so-called “edibles”, or Marijuana laced candy. “”they were representing themselves as “sweet treats” as a dispensary. But as you know the city of fresno ordinance prohibits dispensaries and co-ops in the city of fresno”, said Sgt. Tim Tietjen of the Fresno Police Department.

Police say nearly every room in the home had been set up to accommodate the alleged grow. Tietjen says the bust was a matter of public safety “

“Enough where the neighbors knew what was going on and they had a complaint about it, and we’re going to do our best to restore safe neighborhoods , and do what we can , kids are out playing in the neighborhood so it’s definitely going to be a concern”.

Tonight all three suspects arrested face a variety of charges.  They believe the suspect may have been living rent free as payment for tending to the alleged marijuana grow.