Fresno police add extra law enforcement patrol during holiday season


Expect to see a lot more law enforcement while you’re out doing your holiday shopping.

Today the Fresno Police Department kicked off it’s 22nd annual ‘Operation Christmas Presence’ in partnership with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and the CHP. 

People in Fresno can shop a little more at ease this holiday season with extra patrols around the malls and shopping centers.

“Unfortunately we know at this time of year there’s a lot of people out there that are opportunists, people that are looking for unaware, distracted victims that they can steal from,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. 

Chief Dyer says ‘Operation Christmas Presence’ will add anywhere between 30 to 40 officers on top of normal patrolling officers.

“Our purpose here is not only to prevent crime but to increase the feeling of safety that our citizens have that our shoppers have in Fresno,” he added. 

Penny Fillebrown welcomes the extra patrol.

“As a mom I’m thrilled because little ones like to wander off and it makes me feel a lot more safe to see so many police officers walking around,” she said. 

Police suggest all shoppers lock their cars, shop with others, keep valuables close to you, and park in well lit areas.

“We try our hardest to make sure that our doors are all locked and we have no valuables inside of our car,” said Fillebrown. 

Dyer says there is a 24% reduction in car burglaries from this time last year. He says they’ll also be keeping an eye out for any grinches trying to ruin the holiday spirit, by using the real time crime center and monitoring surveillance cameras.

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