One bike lane in Fresno has a different look today. It’s been painted green to make it more visible for drivers. It’s part of a pilot program launched by the City, and many cyclists say they’re thrilled.

The intersection of Palm and Herndon is a busy one, filled with bicyclists and motorists.

Dennis Ball is the president of the Fresno Cycling Club. He said, “You pretty much have to get engaged with traffic in order to negotiate through the intersection.”

But on Wednesday, Ball showed us a bright new addition to the bike lane. There is a bright neon green bike sign plastered on the floor to notify drivers that it is the start of a bike lane.

“It’s mostly for the cars so they recognize the bicycle symbol on the roadway, and it kinda alerts the motorist that hey there’s the bike lane’s right there,” stated Ball.

Ball said the bright green symbol is more than just an enhancement. Cyclists and motorists are forced to cross paths as drivers make their way to the right turn lane at Palm and Herndon.

He said, “So what this does is, transition the bicyclist from the bike lane, which is on the far side of the road and it transitions him to the through lanes to the left of the right turn lane.”

The City painted in “the green” late Tuesday night. Public Works Director Scott Mozier sais it’s been introduced in other major cities from San Diego to San Francisco, and cyclists feel safer on the road because of it.

Mozier said, “It’s been a request for sometime for us to work on a pilot and incorporate green bike lanes at select locations in the city.”

Mozier said they’re hoping for feedback from cyclists and the community on what they think about the change.

Ball exclaimed “I’ve already observed cyclists using it. They’ve transitioned over the green ladder ,so I think it’s going to work out great!”

We reached out to the City of San Diego and city officials said since they made their bike lanes green in 2013, it’s increased driver awareness for cyclists.

The City of Fresno said they hope to see more of the green bike lanes near Fresno State, Downtown Fresno, and the Tower District very soon.