FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – When the Fresno Grizzlies team dentist noticed that his patients were having trouble finding face masks, he knew he wanted to help.

That’s why Dr. Jared Mosley contacted the Fresno Grizzlies team about the possibility of using their jerseys.

“Little did I know they were releasing the entire 2018 jersey team to us, so we said ‘let’s start making them,” Mosley said.

The Fresno Grizzlies donated dozens of its 2018 team jerseys.

Mosley says the goal is to make 300 masks and distribute them to his patients who are 65 and older and to local hospitals. So far they’ve made 50 of them.

“We’ve used the numbers, we’ve used the trim on some of the sleeves, we use every part of the jersey,” said Tammie Koop, the dental hygienist at Mosley’s office.

Each jersey makes about 18 face masks. One of the jerseys being used is of former Grizzlies starting pitcher Brady Rodgers.

“I’m glad that they found something to do with those jerseys and to not just have them where we wear them on the field,” Rodgers said. “It actually could potentially be saving some people from the virus.”

While many are missing the baseball season right now, these masks serve as a reminder that the team is still with them.

“How would we have ever guessed that we’d be sitting here doing this, so when I think they see it, it brings baseball home to them, it gives them a little piece of history, it keeps baseball in their mind,” Mosley said.