FRESNO, California (KSEE) — The Fresno Football Club left unpaid bills according to a local business owner.

Dean Titus, Owner of Alphagraphics, says he felt betrayed and upset the local soccer team league didn’t pay off some bills.

Alphagraphics is a print and marketing company that was on-board with the Fresno Football Club from the very beginning in 2017, through the end of its 2019 season.

He says his investment wasn’t just professional, it was also personal.

“We were a sponsor from the very beginning,” said Titus. “Then the second year, they asked us if we would increase our sponsorship and we doubled it. We had a great partnership.”

He’s one of several Central Valley business owners that did business with the football club before they shut down operations in Fresno.

“They did all their printing work with us and we enjoyed being a sponsor of the team,” Titus said. “We were proud to be a sponsor of the team as you can see by the sign on the wall behind me.”

All of that changed when the team asked for a last-minute project at the end of last season, then, allegedly refused to return calls or emails after the final invoice was sent out.

Leaving the business on the hook for thousands of dollars.

“I think that’s probably like, Gosh, guys, you asked me to be strong to the very end and do more to the very end, and then to leave me hanging with over $5,200 now. We’re a small business, it hurts.” Titus said.

Titus says getting the cold shoulder hit home.”I felt insulted, absolutely, I felt they intentionally slowed-down paying to allow those invoices to increase.”

But, just when Titus was getting ready to write-off the unpaid bill as a loss, he says the team’ss general manager called and asked him to re-send the unpaid invoices.

The Football Club’s general manager, Frank Yallop, says the whole thing is just a mix-up.

“It happens when you know things kind of close up,” Yallop said. “I’ve got all their invoices, we’re just going to talk through it, and I apologize for that.