FRESNO (KSEE)- Dr. Ajit Rai is a Fresno anesthesiologist now in New York volunteering on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Anesthesiologists are forming highly specialized intubation teams and quickly building new protocols on how to safely manage COVID positive patients in critical settings.  Dr. Rai is helping with the emergency airway team at a COVID intensive care unit. 100 percent of his patients are COVID-positive, all of them critically-ill on life support.

Dr. Rai believes that he and other physicians like him have a duty to help where they can. He took time off from his own practice in Fresno and booked a one way ticket to New York, received emergency credentialing at the hospital, and now is helping as a volunteer physician specifically with intubations.

We talked with Dr. Rai via Skype to hear about his experience and what he is seeing.