Fresno craft beer bars helping camp fire evacuees


Several Central Valley craft beer bars are teaming up with Sierra Nevada to help people impacted by the camp fire burning in Northern California. 

Earlier this week, Goldstein’s held fundraiser event where people dropped off new jackets, blankets, and hygiene kits. 

Goldstein’s raising more than $150 in cash donations, they also donated a dollar for every beer they sold on Thursday. 

“Tower District is just this huge giving community and we were just overwhelmed with..I mean the amount of stuff  we got it was awesome, Goldstein’s General Manager Stacey Dwyer said.

For the owner of Tap and Cellar, he wanted to help out evacuees impacted by the camp fire as he experienced his own fire devastation in Napa last year. 

“A lot of vineyards were lost up there. As we know a lot of lives were lost up there which is the most important thing everything else can be replaced but human life can not,” Owner of Tap and Cellar Mike Saviez said.

Saviez said he’s still collecting donations and people are welcome to stop by. 

If you would like to donate you can click here

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