Fresno County first in state to implement life saving communication network


When disaster strikes wireless and other communications systems can quickly be overwhelmed.
That’s why the Fresno county sheriff’s department is becoming the first county in the state to use a new life saving communication network known as “FirstNet.”

The cutting edge system made by AT&T will give the department’s communication capabilities a major boost, getting vital services where they’re most needed much faster.

“We’re a very large county with not only metropolitan areas but also rural areas,” said Sheriff Margaret Mims.

One of the key features of the system is that it supports cell phone apps and video. It will function when the previous system would have been overwhelmed and it allows multiple agencies to communicate more effectively in times of crisis.

“Fire can talk to police and police can talk to sheriff and dispatchers can talk to one another,” said assemblymen Jim Patterson.

The service is working now, but will be fully implemented in about four years.

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