Allegations of Russia meddling in the 2016 presidential election have county clerk offices across the nation double checking their systems.

The mid-term election is just one month away, and the Fresno County office is already in full election mode.  

Brandi Orth, fresno county clerk registrar of voters, said the county has 439,000 registered voters.

She said running a successful election night can be difficult, but they have never had serious fraud or intrusion issues before and don’t plan on starting now.

“We have partnered with the Dept. of Homeland Security, with the FBI, the Secretary of State’s Office and our I.T. {information Technology} department is very strong,” said Orth.

Orth said to make sure election day runs smooth, they start preparing 200 days before voting day.

“We have already run approximately 5,000 test ballots through the system to make sure that all of the voting equipment is ready,” said Orth.

The room where ballots are electronically counted is surrounded with windows, cameras, and requires a key card access to get inside. 

Orth says it’s the most secure area in the warehouse; at least one percent of the electronically counted ballots must be counted by hand.

“Our ballot counting room is a stand alone room meaning: no internet connections, no county connections and no cell phones. Our server is in that room under our care 24/7,” said Orth.

Throughout the warehouse, voting materials and ballot-casting machines are all handled in locked cages with barbed wire around them.

“It’s a very secure system. The equipment is never left alone anywhere,” said Orth.

Orth said she understands if people have concerns about voting after the accusations made about the 2016 election, but said her office has taken every precautionary step possible to make sure the June 5 primary runs smooth.

“The voting equipment is under my care, with multiple layers of security, within a secure warehouse,” said Orth.

Monday, early voting begins and vote by mail ballots will be sent out.