FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – In late March, this year, Mr. Rib Family Bar-B-Que food truck was put out of commission by a grease fire. It caused owner and evangelist Ned Mallory, “Mr. Rib”, to effectively go out of business.

“Since then, I haven’t been able to do anything, it’s just been a downpour for me,”  said Mr. Rib.

Well-known in the community for feeding the hungry free of charge on holidays throughout the year, the truck business is also Mallory’s main source of income.  The fire damage set him back around $50,000, but now bigger and better things are on the way thanks to a grateful community.

“I’m not crying about losing my truck, you know things happen for a reason and the reason my truck happened, it wasn’t as big as the one I got now and I wanted a bigger size truck so now I got something I can really load up and do what I need to do,”  said Mr. Rib.

The new and improved truck is on the way thanks to a little help from above.

“I got quite a few donors to me, I can’t afford it, I don’t have that kind of money.  I couldn’t afford all the stuff that God told me to do.  That’s why he turned people on to me to help me out.”

Among them, Mid-Valley Distributors.  Manager, Rick Porter says it was an easy choice to give back to someone so selfless.

“He has really reached out to the people who are hungry over the last 20 years and he doesn’t ask for a lot in return and so we’ve been really blessed to help him and contribute to his fundraising.”

Mr. Rib hopes he’s up and running before the end of summer and says his first day back in business will be like a holiday as he plans to cook up food for those in need.

“I came up on the rough side of the mountain too.  I said, but Lord, you know how much it costs?  He said, I don’t care, that’s what you do,” said Mr. Rib.