Fresno City Hall Fountain Up and Running After Year Drought


The Cobb Fountain is back up and running after being down for a year because the pipes were stolen. 

The fountain that stands in front of City Hall, was first dedicated in 1991 and since then there have been several times when it has been out of operation. Now it is back. 

“You can hear it and the water is moving,” said City Worker Jennifer Proctor who walks by the fountain each day. “You can even put your feet in the water and it is just, it is just nice.”

It is a place for people to spend their lunch break or play with their children as they cool down from the heat. Although beautiful now, it wasn’t for the last year when it was out of operation. 

“It just felt dull and flat and lifeless,” said Proctor. 

Back in 2009, maintenance cost for the fountain was pushed down in the priority list to use the money for more important projects. 

“Obviously during the recession, it was a really tough time in the city of Fresno,” said Communication Coordinator Jaime Sandoval. “In particular, it was one of those cities that was in the dire strain at that point so to try and justify the money for a fountain, uh probably not the best use of money.”

Once money started to trickle in, the fountain was fixed and running in 2016 until pipes were stolen two years later. 

“They got in there and damaged it,” said Sandoval. “It went offline again for a while and now it is back.”

The fountain has become so popular that it even has its own social media page on Twitter, which can be found @fresnofountain

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